IPCL -Thank you for the new life!

Life is beautiful when you can see the world! This phrase has a different pointer when naturally things can be implemented in order to make the world a better place. Yes! This gift was gifted by Dr Sudipta Mitra. It was 26/6/2021 when I first saw her with my high powered glasses in Silverline Eye Hospital where I went for my regular eye visit. I shared the challenges I face in my daily life and she showed me the path to achieve the beautiful life that I wished for a very long time. After certain routine tests I was given a date to visit her so that we can decide about operation.I had to go through IPCl in topical anesthesia for both my eyes, dates were provided by her and there was no hectic situation that we had to face throughout the operation procedue. My left eye was operated on 13/7/2021 and right eye was operated on 17/7/2021,post operation there was a problem found on my right eye after the checkup, Dr Sudipta Mitra took things very sportingly, supported me and made me belief that there will a small OT that needs to be conducted that will help me out in my long term. Who on earth who is such a busy person takes the extra burden to give their patient the extra time just to give the patient the best, but yes lucky me, I got the opportunity to meet her again in OT table where on 3/8/2021 my right eye was operared and now see me, I got my new life.IPCL is an operation where your deficient powered lens is been introduced in our eye so that you can view the world, a reversible process that mends your deficiency. I can see the world without any extra help of a spectacle or contact lens just to see the world. The world that was hazy to me till July 2021 is just crystal clear without any extra help just to view this beautiful world. I feel confident, beautiful now.I am lucky that I met her in that chamber of Silverline Eye Hospital. Dr Sudipta Mitra is such a kind hearted and lovable person who takes care of her patient post operation too!She is so patient about explaining all your queries and will continuously take update about your health post OT. I salute her for taking this profession and also salute her for the courage she takes to learn new technologies to give her patient the best out of everything possible in this world. Thank you once again for giving me this life. My parents and myself are grateful to you!God gives you more strength so that you can give others the life that they are praying for!

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