Hi I am Chirantan Karmakar

Hi I am Chirantan Karmakar from Kolkata. I have high power specs in both eyes -10. I used to wear glasses from from 2 years old age. I meet Dr. Sudipta Mitra madam in Silver Line for the first time in August 2022. She took care of all the patients like her own family members. She answered all queries of patients with patience and kindness. At first when I heard OT for Lasik treatment from madam I was very much worried. Even I was nervous at the time of operation. But after the operation I feel no pain. The operation was smoothly operated by madam. She is like a God. When I thought I could never see the world again without glasses. She gave my eyes a new dimension. Now I can enjoy clear vision without any additional glasses or lenses. May the Supreme God blessed her and all patients of her success and bright future.

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