Commendable service

“Grt things are done by grt people.”

Dr Mitra has created a huge impact in my life by giving me a new vision …. a vision to see the world in a better way full of confidence and self-belief ……I was having high myopia which was of grt concern since childhood …. It sorts of created a huge obstacle in everything I would do in my day-to-day basis…. and one fine day I found this beautiful soul who made me belief that everything would be alright 👍…She told me about IPCL at first, I was little hesitant about the procedure, but she assured me that it would be a painless surgery and best suited for my eyes …. during the surgery she creates a positive environment and make sure the patient is at ease… and not only during the surgery but also post-surgery she was in touch with me to know how I am responding and whether everything is working fi9 ….It’s been a year I have been operated and I am very glad to say that everything is absolutely fi9..Me and my family will always be grateful to her and wish her good health so that she can continue to change life’s ❤

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