Making a profound difference

I’ve been under the care of Dr. Sudipta Mitra for nearly two decades, and I can confidently say that she has been a pivotal part of my vision journey. From the time I was a child with a high negative power prescription to recently undergoing Phakic IOL surgery, Dr. Mitra has been there every step of the way. Dr. Mitra’s expertise, coupled with her kind and caring nature, made all the difference. Her guidance and support instilled a level of trust that’s hard to find elsewhere. When my eyesight deteriorated to a prescription of over -10, I knew I had to consider vision correction surgery.

Dr. Mitra and I discussed various options, and we settled on Phakic IOL surgery. The surgery itself was a success, and the care I received both during and after the procedure was exceptional. I no longer need glasses, and the problems I faced due to my high negative power are gradually disappearing. It’s truly life-changing! I couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Mitra’s dedication to my eye health and her role in giving me a glasses-free life. If you’re looking for an eye care professional who combines expertise with genuine care, Dr. Sudipta Mitra is the one to trust with your vision. Thank you, Dr. Mitra, for making a profound difference in my life.

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